BA (Hons) UC Cardiff. MIAI.

Dave spent a number of years in Scotland, digging in Glasgow, in East Lothian and Angus, and at Whithorn in the southwest.

He was given his first commission for interpretive drawings at Jedburgh Abbey in the Borders, in 1984. Thereafter he split his time between digging and drawing, with a string of commissions from Historic Scotland, the Scottish National Trust, and several local authorities. The Whithorn Trust commissioned collections of drawings for indoor and outdoor displays, and publications.

BA (Hons) Archaeology and Art History, UCD. MIAI.

Jo worked in Scotland from 1986-93 on a research excavation at Whithorn, in Dumfries and Galloway. Since returning to Ireland she has worked as a consultant archaeologist, carrying out impact assessments, excavations, and building surveys. 

She illustrates for publication, site plans and sections and artefacts. She specialises in the study of glass, particularly medieval window glass from excavations.

About Us

We are both on the list of archaeologists eligible for excavation licences. Every archaeological excavation in Ireland needs a licence, issued jointly by the National Monuments Service and the National Museum.

Archaeological Illustration

We illustrate our own reports, and integrate the drawings into the text rather than add them to the end. We draw finds and offer an illustration service to produce publication drawings from site records and objects.

Archaeological Fieldwork

Most of our fieldwork (excavation and survey) is carried out during archaeological impact assessments, or as a follow up, monitoring or investigating areas at risk of being disturbed.


In Ireland I have put work into the Cahir Castle (Co. Tipperary) souvenir guide, and the Barryscourt Castle (Co. Cork) and Scattery Island (Co. Clare) leaflets, all for the National Monuments Service, OPW.

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